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SOC) the same. 15 ⎦ ⎭⎪ ⎩⎪ . Note that at least one of the temperatures T1 and T2 should be significantly different from TREF. This computed value of ASIREF is used for comparisons between different iterations of the reference performance test, since it represents the best estimate of the device ASI at the (fixed) reference temperature. A measured ASI value at any nominal test temperature TNOMINAL can be similarly corrected by substituting TNOMINAL for TREF above. These adjustments are to be made for each ASI measurement from the MPPC reference performance tests.

In this manual, such limits are assumed to be controlled as required to meet the objectives of the life verification testing, and implemented in modified test procedures as appropriate. The allowable operating voltage range (and by implication the allowable state of charge range) for a device is established by the manufacturer. For purposes of this manual, an application-specific operating range (that may be a subset of this allowable range) is specified, typically in a test plan for the life test program.

The analysis methods used in this process are summarized in the following. 1 Life on Test Estimates At each experimental condition, ASI data are analyzed to estimate the life on test (with associated uncertainty). To illustrate, consider the default empirical data analysis model (see Appendix A), ASI ( t + ∆t RPT ) = β 0 + β1 ⋅ ASI ( t ) , where there are three model parameters: ASI0, βο, and β1. It is assumed that there are m observed values of ASI, { ASI i 0 , ASI i1 , ASI i 2 ,… , ASI im } , for the ith of n cells on test.

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