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By Dennis Waite

Publish 12 months note: First released in 2007

Advaita is a religious philsophy according to the Upanishads, older than so much different non secular structures we all know approximately but additionally the main logical in its technique. This booklet offers a scientific therapy of Advaita which demystifies it, differentiating among ways & academics, so that you can come to a decision which procedure is most fitted for you.

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Such prodigious acts present a riddle to modern science, though 32 it is common practice with Saints for They are con­versant with, and make use of, the higher laws of nature of which we are quite ignorant. Deeds or karmas may be grouped under the heads of individual karmas and group karmas. The latter are karmas performed by a society or a nation as a whole and these are termed as Dharma. As an individual bears the fruits of his own karmas (actions), so does a society, for it has to bear the fruits of the general policies it pursues with the result that innocent individuals have also to suf­fer for the wrongs arising from the wrongly conceived dharma of the society to which they belong.

Donne 24 III T HE way in which the Master tackles the intricate and baffling problem of karmas, may briefly be stated as under: Sanchit or the seed Karmas: These are latencies lying in the store-house to one’s account from endless ages, ever since the world began. No one escapes from them unless the same are worked off (without making any more addi­ tion thereto, which of course in the nature of things, is an impossibility), in innumerable lives that lie ahead. It is, therefore, not possible to exhaust this tremendous credit balance in one’s account.

A little error in laying the lines, a loose fish-plate or a wrong angle may lead to calamitous results. Even when everything is done properly, one has to keep a constant and strict watch, day and night, lest anything get out of joint or the track is otherwise tampered with by hostile elements. According to Nature’s law of life, a man (the embodied or incarnate soul) is like a precious jewel clothed in three caskets or bodies—the physical, the astral or mental, and the causal or the seed-body—all of which, more or less, partake of the terrestrial character, with varying degrees of density.

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