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By Leonard W. King

One among Leonard King's works from the early days of Assyriology in 1896. This paintings is "The Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand," and represents the cuneiform texts of a gaggle of Babylonian and Assyrian incantations and magical formulae edited with transliterations, translations, and whole vocabulary from capsules of the Kuyunjik collections preserved within the British Museum. Contents: Prayers addressed to: Deities; Gods; Goddesses; Astral Deities; Prayers opposed to the evils; Vocabulary.

I stumbled on this model on the internet and it seems that to be a reasonably decently scanned reproduction from a library (Kansas urban it seems), as evidenced through the date stamps within the disguise. whereas the ISBN references a extra sleek re-print, this seems to be a replica of the unique print.

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They take 13. 1 6. O Sin, evil of their stand all of them, they petition at thy feet! glorious one of Iknrl they beseech thee and thou givest the oracle of the gods the day of thy oracle, the decision of the great gods; ! 17. The end of the month is PRAYERS TO GROUPS OF 6 18. The thirtieth day is DEITIES. thy festival, a day of prayer to thy divinity 19. O God 20. I I 21. I of the New Moon, in ! might unrivalled, whose purpose no man learns, have poured thee a libation of the night (with) wailing, have offered thee (with) shouts of joy a drink offering of am bowed down!

D a na-ku Sa ihi-lti Allur ilu istar-lu ilu A$-hi-ri-tum. D ta-a-ba. 1G 12 Z> Ufei-ma. D a$-na-an. 17 13 D U-ziz-zu. Z> [mu-up]-pal-sa-at % 1 PRAYERS TO GROUPS OF 8 The DEITIES. +K +K 2502 2591) eight lines of No. 2 (K 2487 contain the end of a prayer to Tasmitu, in which the suppliant, after beseeching- the goddess to confer favour and to destroy iniquity, and first concludes with the desire that he bow in humility before her. LI. 9 may extol her heart and 10 form a colophon containing directions for ceremonies, for a full discussion of which cf.

15 and 3rd. tablets of the series (cf. BEZOLD, Catalogue, 6028 is a duplicate p. 528 and Vol. Ill, p. VIII), The fragment of 3392 (cf. of. tit. p. 757) but it is broken off before the first line of the colophon, and of the catch-line the beginning only the i st. K K is preserved: siptu ga-as-m su1. i reads siptu gas-ru Su-pu-u Col. VI, on p. 5 of the Additions to IV R, Now i-ziz alu the tablet K Assitr. K 2538 etc. Therefore 6028 has been K 2538 etc. published as "probably part of the same text" as of the the But which 3392 beginning colophon preserves shows that this is not the case.

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