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By Uta B. Schambra and Jerry Silver (Eds.)

The Atlas of the Prenatal Mouse Brain is the newest addition to educational Press' record of atlases for neuroscientists and neuroscience scholars. It fills an pressing want for a accomplished atlas of the constructing mouse mind to be used in experiences of either common and irregular improvement. top quality photomicrographs of mind sections are depicted in sagittal, coronal, and horizontal planes for 4 gestational age teams. each one photomicrograph is followed by way of an absolutely classified, precision-drawn diagram for simple id of mind buildings. Researchers and scholars utilizing common, transgenic, or mutant mouse arrangements in developmental neurobiology, neurotoxicology, and biotechnology will welcome this meticulously assembled and obtainable advisor.

Key positive aspects and Benefits:
* provides 153 photomicrographs of serial mind sections
* Represents 4 gestational a long time (GD 12 and 14 embryos; GD sixteen and 18 fetuses), each one depicted in sigittal, coronal, and horizontal planes
* contains absolutely categorised diagrams determining mind buildings for every photomicrograph
* presents whole alphabetical lists of mind buildings and abbreviations
* offers an entire description of tissue training method
* huge layout, 8-1/2 x 11'' pages in a strong hardcover case

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7 O PC MC DT MaPr PIR ORC \ ^ MxPr OC POR SOA NC PSA POA OE H GE (VZ) LV LV, IH 15 16 N AQ / FR PSH I ET MC I MaPr CPa -— -— LV, IH G E (VZ) STM ' PF / MLF / ChPI ' BZV - Cb (VZ) A4-7 - GD12 S A G . 8 NC ^— MxPr POR \— SOA XG O \ DT OT - I PC POA AC1-3 K G \ \ PT PRE A9-10 PSA - SUT - MTg - MF - PT - Tg (VZ) ^ x T (VZ) 17 18 ME (VZ) - EZV - Cb (VZ) - A6 (Ic) - PT - AQ - Tg (VZ) - T (VZ) - / \ PT WIG \ MF P R E i i MG GD12 S A G . 9 I X - X G PHA / STM —/—\—^\ \ PC SUT DT / \ / FR PF MNPr \ / ET HI G E (VZ) ^ ^ ^ LV ^ MxPr POR OT PSA SOA POA H STT ^ CPa 19 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 \\\\\\\\\ u-u \ \ GD 12 CORONAL SECTIONS 21 / MZ LV —A >GE — ,zj MaPr GD 12 COR.

11 42 43 — T (VZ) — OT — Rl AQ B4-9 lc(A6) Cb - EZV VZ - ME - cod vm \ O J—- - MLF PT GD12 COR.

6 32 - MxPr 33 PC - ET (VZ) - — FR DT (VZ) - — STM CTe (VZ) - — LV — SL — MTg mv P — ° fc A RPE NR A LE / LF ' MaPr — GD12 COR. 7 34 - MFB ACV p ^ ^ ^ NR LVS LE RPE PSR OC 35 PC ET (VZ) - OT - FR - STM - SL - CEn - MTg DT (VZ) COc (VZ) LV, PH mv PSA (VZ) — \ PSR 1 MEM —4 - RPE - NR MxPr — — PSH —-\ - ORC MaPr GD12 COR. 8 36 TO 37 ET (VZ) OT FR — DT (VZ) — SL — HI V — — MFB MA (VZ) — MR — — MTg PSH — TO — ORC-— MC — MaPr GD12 COR. 9 38 39 T (VZ) — AQ — OT — A9-10 CPd (PT) — MF — NO — pn — ¥ + SCS PSH GD12 COR.

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