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By Claus Frimodt, Ian Dore

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Hand peeled shrimp can often be distinguished from machine peeled because machinery removes the whole of the telson. Careful peeling by hand can remove the shell from the telson, leaving the flesh undamaged and still attached to the last segment. The telson is the sharp-pointed spike at the end of the abdominal segments, just above the tail fin. See Anatomy. Peeled and deveined Peeled shrimp can be deveined either by cutting the shrimp along the back and washing out the vein, or by vacuuming it out of the tail without cutting the meat.

HYGIENE See Chapter Five. E Individually quick frozen. See Market Forms. IRRADIATION Irradiation is the use of radioactive gamma rays to preserve foods by killing spoilage bacteria. The radioactivity kills almost all surface bacteria. Botulism is resistant to the doses normally 35 JUMBO used, so is not killed by irradiation. A further problem with irradiation is that it does nothing to prevent subsequent re-contamination of product after treatment. Irradiation is a controversial topic almost everywhere it is proposed.

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