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Going past mere analysis, An Atlas of Gastroenterology covers every little thing from swallowing problems to therapy of jaundiced and immuno-compromised sufferers. Tables, illustrations, and case histories positioned the data at your fingertips. best specialists mix lucid textual content with large illustrations to interpret the recommendations wanted for a company take hold of of the subject. assurance contains swallowing problems, heartburn, dyspepsia, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, colonic polyps and colon melanoma, pancreatitis, pancreatic melanoma, the jaundiced sufferer and the immuno-compromised sufferer. released largely for relations and first care physicians An Atlas of Gastroenterology describes all points of the analysis and remedy of gastrointestinal ailment.

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2) Is there a history of previous abdominal surgery? Answer: no. (3) Is there a history of intermittent ileus or pseudoobstruction? Answer: no. (4) Were parasites detected in the stool? Answer: no. The most likely diagnosis is a primary mucosal disease. 4). A tissue transglutaminase antibody assay is obtained, and it is positive. This strongly suggests a diagnosis of celiac sprue. A duodenal biopsy is obtained. The findings are a characteristic flat mucosal biopsy. The diagnosis of sprue now appears fairly certain, but the diagnosis of celiac sprue is established only when improvement is seen on a gluten-free diet.

He would pass around six to eight fairly large bowel movements a day, on occasion having to awaken at night to pass a stool. Symptoms had been present constantly over this period. He did not experience abdominal pain. He had no major travel history, nobody in his family had diarrhea and he was not on any medications and even denied taking over-the-counter medications or herbal remedies. 4 kg). He was not anemic. 1 g/dl. It appears that the cause of chronic diarrhea is organic and not functional, since it has been constant, and nocturnal diarrhea is present on occasion.

Why? The patient has been thin all his life; he has a voracious appetite, yet is not gaining weight. He feels fatigued and he passes large, bulky, malodorous stools. What tests should one order? 17). However, as mentioned earlier, the performance of tests such as a 72-h stool fat balance study, D-xylose excretion test and a Schilling test (for Schilling test, see Chapter 6) is difficult in out-patients. 18. 3: (1) Is there a history of abdominal pain? Answer: no. (2) Is there a history of previous abdominal surgery?

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