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By Michael W. Ford

ADAMU is a grimoire of Luciferian Tantra. This direction is of the exploration of the darkish recesses of the brain and Spirit, remodeling the self right into a vessel of Divinity, the Daemonic itself. present in ADAMU are beginning rituals and concept of Luciferian intercourse Magick, the Forbidden artwork of remodeling cognizance and physique right into a Temple of the adverse Spirit, being Samael and Lilith, to begin the self and turn into part of the divine by way of awakening the logo of Cain, the 1st Satanist. ADAMU outlines perform which defines the how the Luciferian intercourse Magick course is a sucessful approach to initiation which merely strengthens and awakens recognition. Vampiric (spiritual) intercourse Magick and historic Buddhism/Bon Po, together with workings and outlines of Kali and her a variety of mythological guises. Adamu gains quite a few discipline-building excercises to be able to set the focal point for critical initiatory perform.

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Sit upon a comfortable pillow, legs crossed and begin to slow your breathing. This is done by banishing all other thoughts and concentrate on your lower spine. Slowly begin to form a great Red serpent which starts at your lower back – this is Lilith, the Red dragon which is the fiery life source which rises as the Sun itself. With each breath, you shall feel it ascend and coil around your spinal column. You should imagine fire, heat and creative force as the dragon ascends your body. When Lilith reaches your right shoulder, you should bask in the Fire of Self, this is the life bringing force of hunger and desire, the qualities of being and self-love.

What about the corpse fluid which she smears about her mouth as she asks me to enter her from behind. When I sleep she comes to me, screaming and droning like a fly, her name was Nasu. When she rides me at night I feel insects enter me like a catheter, sharp stinking pain which causes complete shock and every limb freezing in unconscious pain. She lets her rancid salvia drip on my open mouth, locked in an ever screaming mouth which has no beginning or end, like the abyss. The smell is like when you pass a rotting animal dead for two or so days, exception being the ghastly odor emerging from a nubile and almost beautiful woman.

The fire of “Propitious fire” itself in heaven (garothman), yet Sâma Atar was brought to earth to awaken mankind. The flame of Atash-e-Akoman, another name for Sâma Atar is manifest in the fires of the earth, made in homage to Ahriman and the Daevas, when smoke is mingled with it. The Fire of Ohrmazd being “The Good diffuser” is that which is in men and animal, and its business consists in the digestion of the food, the sleeping of the body, and the brightening of the eyes. It’s counter is Druj Nasu – the spirit of immortality, the daughter of Az which resides in the body as heat and hunger, both spiritual and physical.

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