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By Betty Lou Leaver

Geared toward starting to intermediate undergraduates and above, this textbook is designed to aid the scholar in achieving optimum luck as a language learner and consumer. It teaches scholars to appreciate their very own personal tastes in studying, enhance person studying plans and methods, and choose acceptable studying ideas. every one bankruptcy comprises an summary and overview part, with studying actions that scholars can perform both separately or in study rooms.

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Children, on the other hand, pick up the sounds pretty much as the native speaker makes them, seemingly without much effort. Adults, however, can improve their pronunciation. It just does not generally happen easily or quickly. Typically, it takes much time working in language laboratories, with tapes, and with native speakers. There are adults with very good language skills – you may be able to think of some famous ones – whose speech clearly gives them away as foreign because they have never mastered the sounds of the language or its intonational patterns.

This LAD is envisioned as an unseen, uncharted part(s) of the brain (or perhaps just a manner of synaptic functioning) that allows children to acquire the structure and words of a language without conscious effort. After childhood, the LAD seems to cease functioning, although the authors have heard of some instances of adults reporting LAD-type activity and at least one of us has experienced it personally as an older adult. The fact is that in childhood language acquisition, whether a native language or a foreign language, is closely associated with a developing mind (Golinkoff and Hirsh-Pasek, 2000), whereas adult acquisition of language is associated with a developed mind.

Accent reduction Listening to someone with a heavy accent talk can be very tiring. You have probably felt some discomfort in speaking to non-native speakers of English whose accent is so strong that you have to work very hard to understand them. This can be so tiring that after a while you just give up. The same is true in reverse. If your accent is strong, people will get tired of listening to you, and if they speak English themselves, they may switch to English, depriving you of speaking practice in your language.

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