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After serving within the Indian Wars, Edward S. Farrow got down to supply a handbook for infantrymen and officials sure for frontier military responsibility. "I have endeavored to present," Farrow writes, "such wisdom because the younger officer frequently acquires through sour adventure and below the main adverse situations. "Mountain Scouting, first released in 1881, is a worthy guideline consultant for amateur squaddies, describing easy methods to deal with their horses, shoot thoroughly with their rifles, repair damaged bones, and thrust back ailments and illnesses.

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Troop Horse Artillery may accompany. French cavalry is on your left. ’ Nolan’s role Captain Louis Nolan was the staff officer chosen to deliver the message. He was selected probably because he was an excellent horseman and could ride rapidly down the steep descent into the valley below. But excitable, conceited and openly scornful of both Lucan and Cardigan, he was far from the ideal messenger. Nolan handed Lucan the order. Lucan read its contents with some consternation. He then announced that such an attack would be ‘useless’.

Russia’s main concern was the Baltic, where the allied naval blockade was damaging Russia’s economy, endangering domestic stability. The ‘Great Armament’ posed a threat to their capital and the Russians also feared Swedish intervention. Therefore, Tsar Alexander II accepted the Austrian ultimatum as the basis of peace talks. Palmerston, unable to fight Russia alone, had no choice but to agree to an armistice in February 1856. Key terms Key date The Treaty of Paris Treaty of Paris: 1856 Armistice An agreement to suspend fighting.

The corrupt Russian administrative system made supply a lottery. • Fearing and facing attacks on a number of fronts, Russia failed to concentrate its military effort in the Crimea. Instead it tried to protect all possible points of attack, including stationing many troops on the Austrian border to guard against a 100,000-strong Austrian army of ‘observation’. On 9 April 1855, the allies began a second great bombardment of Sevastopol. Five hundred and twenty allied guns poured 165,000 rounds into the town.

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