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Um. ’ Conscious of her purse’s few coins and notes, Gavriela shook her head. ’ ‘Not even if Petra here does the paying? ’ ‘No, a student at the ETH. ’ ‘At the Poly? ’ Inge pointed at the others. ’ ‘You must come with us,’ said Petra. ’ Inge held up one hand. ‘Here’s why we need you. ’ ‘Honestly, Inge—’ ‘But my encyclopaedia directly states that a rocket cannot fly in space because there is no air for it to push against. ’ Gavriela looked from one face to the next. ‘Maybe one glass of Glühwein,’ she said.

Scared? The answering scent was strong and reassuring. ~Everything will be fine. With my son here, how could it not be? Coming out into sunlight, they crossed Central Plaza, a circular expanse paved with shards of turquoise and white. A few merchants and household ladies were walking here, no one else. Sharp opened his mouth, belatedly noticing the aftertaste of Father’s reply, the involuntary fear he had tried to mask. Then they were at the broad steps leading up to the Forum. Bannermen fell in to either side, accompanying them as they climbed.

Gavriela looked from one face to the next. ‘Maybe one glass of Glühwein,’ she said. Not so far away, where the small town of Berchtesgaden crouched amid Bavarian forest, a small feverish man was alone in his room, surrounded by dark, insanely energetic paintings, the product of his own hand and strange imaginings. The more recent were like design sketches: gleaming cities, fluttering banners, romantic uniforms of black and scarlet. But words held the true power, the magic he had tapped into while the faceless bourgeoisie had tried to silence him, to lock him away in prison.

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