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By Amy Rider, et al.

Support your scholars enhance their vocabularies with AbraVocabra, a ebook that makes instructing vocabulary effortless and potent. The booklet comprises 24 lists of 12 words—all phrases taken from newspapers, magazines, and tv. The phrases are functional phrases that any quite informed individual is probably going to come across in actual life.AbraVocabra comprises the following:"tip-off" sentences to assist scholars determine what the phrases mean;simple, student-friendly definitions;lots of principles for purchasing the scholars to take advantage of, and hence study, the phrases; fascinating exams that do greater than ask scholars to "regurgitate" definitions; andplaying playing cards and directions for taking part in the "Vocabra" game.AbraVocabra has every thing a instructor must support scholars extend their vocabularies.

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Gumption a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. able to write or speak easily and smoothly a loud, coarse burst of laughter to comfort; to make someone feel less sad greedy a sound made by elephants when they are angry boring because it’s all the same things worth remembering to spit to walk slowly or leisurely a blue liquid used for cleaning small in amount motherly; having to do with mothers cousinly; having to do with cousins conceited; selfish initiative and courage; “get-up-and-go” ____ 12.

Danielle was always very maternal, so it was no surprise when she and her husband decided to have a child. guffaw: a loud, coarse burst of laughter • Carl told jokes because he loved to hear guffaws from the guys. • The comedian wasn’t satisfied with just chuckles. He wanted guffaws from the audience. amble: to walk slowly or leisurely • Nick ambled in 40 minutes late, ignoring the stares of everyone in the crowd. • Susan ambled along the street, admiring the window displays. monotonous: boring because it’s all the same • “Having to write your spelling words 50 times each would be a monotonous task,” Mr.

Overly suspicious c. goodness; moral excellence; a good quality or feature d. full of meaning; having great impact e. self respect and honor f. existing always, without beginning or end g. extreme confusion or disorder h. nasal spray i. faultless; free from error j. to rise from; to become visible or known k. warm and friendly l. warm and sweaty m. writing tool used in the Victorian era n. to humble yourself in a degrading way before someone o. found not guilty ____ 12. grovel Fill-in-the-Blank Directions: The first 10 words listed above belong in the story below.

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