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The measured impedance was exactly 400 Ω, at a phase angle of 0°, indicating a transformed impedance with no reactance, exactly as predicted. Next the bandwidth was measured as shown in Fig 15 using an HP-8594E Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator along with a high input impedance FET probe for the spectrum analyzer. The FET probe was required so that the circuit was not loaded down. 82 MHz, essentially as specified. Conclusion The purpose of this article was to present an accurate technique for designing tapped-capacitor matching circuits.

1 Band Filter board & xtal included. 80, 40, 30, 20, 15 & 10 meters available. • Daughter board now available for direct connection to a signal generator. • PIC-Based CW Beacon Controller. • Serial Interface for Programming with Hyperterminal. com Boxkite Yagis Arrays of Twin C elements provide gain at the fundamental frequency and its third harmonic. By Brian Cake, KF2YN T he elements used in the “Boxkite” Yagi are based on a derivative of the basic Twin C element. The derivation is probably easier to illustrate and understand if we back into it from a different direction.

A common circuit often used is the tapped capacitor matching circuit as shown in Fig 1, where a high source resistance is matched to a lower load resistance (or a low source resistance is matched to higher load resistance). Unfortunately, there are a number of different approaches published to calculate the circuit values needed. Just as unfortunately, most of them are incorrect. This article describes a technique that has been validated by both analysis and experiment. 1 The experimental and analytical results are described in detail.

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