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Results of the ATL Simple Object Wizard After you specify the options, the Simple Object Wizard generates the skeleton files for you to start adding your implementation. RGS file containing [4] registration information. In addition, the IDL file is updated to contain the new interface definition. [4] See Chapters 4 and 5 for more information on COM class registration. com to register it. Thanks. public: CCalcPi() { } DECLARE_REGISTRY_RESOURCEID(IDR_CALCPI) BEGIN_COM_MAP(CCalcPi) COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(ICalcPi) COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(IDispatch) COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(ISupportErrorInfo) COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(IConnectionPointContainer) END_COM_MAP() BEGIN_CONNECTION_POINT_MAP(CCalcPi) CONNECTION_POINT_ENTRY(__uuidof(_ICalcPiEvents)) END_CONNECTION_POINT_MAP() // ISupportsErrorInfo STDMETHOD(InterfaceSupportsErrorInfo)(REFIID riid); DECLARE_PROTECT_FINAL_CONSTRUCT() HRESULT FinalConstruct() { return S_OK; } void FinalRelease() { } public: }; OBJECT_ENTRY_AUTO(__uuidof(CalcPi), CCalcPi) The first thing to notice is the list of base classes.

It. Thanks Adding Persistence ATL provides base classes for objects that want to be persistentthat is, saved to some persistence medium (such as a disk) and restored later. COM objects expose this support by implementing one of the COM persistence interfaces, such as IPersistStreamInit, IPersistStorage, or IPersistPropertyBag. ATL provides implementation of these three persistence interfacesnamely, IPersistStreamInitImpl, IPersistStorageImpl, and IPersistPropertyBagImpl. Your COM object supports persistence by deriving from any of these base classes, adding the interface to your COM_MAP, and adding a data member calledm_bRequiresSave that each of these base classes expects.

Thanks Implementing Additional Interfaces Interfaces are the core of COM, and most COM objects implement more than one. Even the wizard-generated ATL Simple Object, shown earlier, implements four interfaces (one custom interface and three standard interfaces). If you want your ATL-based COM class to implement another interface, you must first have a definition of it. For example, you can add the following interface definition to your project's IDL file: [ object, uuid("27ABEF5D-654F-4D85-81C7-CC3F06AC5693"), helpstring("IAdvertiseMyself Interface"), pointer_default(unique) ] interface IAdvertiseMyself : IUnknown { [helpstring("method ShowAd")] HRESULT ShowAd(BSTR bstrClient); }; To implement this interface in your project, you simply add the new interface to your C++ class inheritance list and add the interface to the COM_MAP: class ATL_NO_VTABLE CCalcPi : public ICalcPi, public IAdvertiseMyself { BEGIN_COM_MAP(CCalcPi) COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(ICalcPi) COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(IAdvertiseMyself) ...

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