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By Kennedy R.J., Thorndike E.M.

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Supply voltage. Determine the resistance of the load and the efficiency of rectification. [Ans. 4 per cent] 184. The grid voltage of the thyratron shown: in the diagram is such that conduction begins 60° after the start of each cycle. s. s. c. supply. The drop in the valve during conduction is 10 V. s. (sinusoidal) Grid supply I [Ans. 63 A; (b) 155 V; (c) 77 W] 185. A single-phase full-wave rectifier circuit, employing a single L-type fIlter, is to supply 120 rnA at 300 V with a ripple that must not exceed 10 V.

A silicon junction goes into avalanche breakdown when the electric field reaches 6 X 10 7 Vm-I. If the doping concentrations on the nand p sides of the junction are 10 20 m-3 and 10 22 m-3 respectively, calculate the approximate width of the depletion layer and the applied voltage at the onset of avalanche breakdown. Assume a relative permittivity of 12. [Ans. 4 mm; 12 kV] 135. A thin p-type germanium specimen of dimensions 20 X 10 mm is located in a plane normal to the earth's magnetic field. Calculate the potential difference which must be applied between the faces 20 mm apart if a Hall voltage of 10 mV is to arise.

8 V; 66°5; 147. Three triodes having amplification factors of 10, 20 and 30, and with mutual conductances 2,5 and 3 mS respectively, are operated in parallel. Calculate the equivalent mutual conductance, the anode resistance and the amplification factor of the combination. [Ans. 18] 148. A certain thoriated-tungsten filament operating at 1900 K gave a saturation current of 85 rnA. Calculate the corresponding current for a puretungsten filament of the same area operating at 2500 K. The Dushman constants are: For thoriated tungsten A = 3 X 104 Am-2(K)2, b = 30500 K.

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