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By Steven Runciman

Sir Steven Runciman's 3 quantity A heritage of the Crusades, one of many nice classics of English historic writing, is now being reissued. This quantity describes the Frankish states of Outremer from the accession of King Baldwin I to the re-conquest of Jerusalem by way of Saladin. As Runciman says in his preface, 'The politics of the Moslem global within the early twelfth-century defy trouble-free research, yet they have to be understood if we're to appreciate the institution of the Crusader states and the later reasons of the restoration of Islam ... the most subject matter during this quantity is struggle ... i've got the instance of the previous chroniclers, who knew their company; for warfare was once the heritage to existence in Outremer and the risks of the battlefield usually determined its destiny.'

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Raymond, in conformity with the instructions given him by Alexius, agreed with him. But the Lombards, who formed the vast majority ot the army, held other views. Bohemond was their hero, the one warrior that they trusted to carry them to victory. And Bohemond lay captive in the Danishmend Emir's castle of Niksar, far away to the north-east of Anatolia. They insisted that their first task must be to rescue Bohemond. Raymond and Stephen protested in vain. Raymond' sjealousy ofBohemond was too well known and, for all his qualities, he had never shown himself to be a forceful leader; whilst Stephen's influence was damaged by memories of his past cowardice.

Bald win II hastened to help Fulcher; but in the ensuing battle he was defeatrd and Fulcher slain. The town was taken by the Moslems; but the citadel held out under Benedict, Latin Archbishop of Edessa, while Baldwin hastened to Antioch to hire troops to replenish his army. On his return he was more fortunate. Soqman was driven out of the town with heavy losses. The inhabitants that had had dealings with the Ortoqids were massacred; and many prisoners were made, whose ransom enriched Baldwin's exchequer.

212) adds that Bohemond extorted money from Qinnasrin. 1 1 39 The Norman Princes of Antioch the Byzantines. Alcxius, after writing to Bohemond to require him to give back the Cilician cities, sent his general Butumites to recover them. But Butumites' s force was unreliable. He entered Cilicia in the autumn of I IOJ but soon decided that the task was beyond him; and he learnt that the Franks were planning to expand northward against Marash, which the Armenian Thatoul held for the Emperor. He hastened there himself, and, probably, by so doing, he saved Thatoul for the moment.

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