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By Timothy Zahn

On Tigris, little ones boost telekinesis starting on the age of 5. by the point they’re pre-teens, notwithstanding, their unique talents height, then slip away as they succeed in adulthood. with the ability to “teek” provides them power—even over such a lot adults—until they progressively turn into common children, not distinct, now not with authority and standing. a few deal with the Transition greater than others.

Lisa Duncan consistently idea she’d mature gracefully, yet at age fourteen, and shut to wasting her skills, she’s burdened and unsure approximately what the long run will carry. that's, till she will get drawn into the experimental plan of Dr. Matthew Jarvis, whose clinical discovery may well modify Tigrin society endlessly. . . .

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Get up quick! Remember the Elite we brought down from the ship? ” Yayap sprang to his feet. ” That much was certainly true, Yayap reflected as he waded through the chaos of equipment that hung in untidy clusters along the length of the cylinder. He entered the communal lavatory, and hurried to don his armor, breathing apparatus, and weapons harness. Which was more dangerous, he wondered, to show up disheveled, and have the Elite find fault with his appearance, or to show up later because he had taken the time required to ensure that his appearance would be acceptable?

He jumped off the boulder and crouched under an outcropping of rock. He eyed the Banshee above. It was still there, circling well out of range, waiting to pounce should he emerge from cover. That meant he could sit there and wait for more ground forces to arrive, or he could abandon his hiding place and attempt to slip away. The Spartan had never been one for standing around, so he readied his assault rifle and slid forward over the rock. Once on open ground it was a short dash past the scattering of dead Grunts.

The alien hosed the Master Chief with plasma fire. His shields dropped precipitously. The Spartan backed away, fired his assault rifle in short controlled bursts, and finally managed to knock the remaining Elite off his feet. With their leader down, the Grunts broke ranks and began to scamper away. The Master Chief cut their retreat short in a hail of bullets. He eased up on the trigger, felt the silence settle in around him, and knew he had made a mistake. The veteran had damned near blindsided him.

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