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By Brian Murphy

Presently sooner than Christmas in 1943, 5 military aviators left Alaska's Ladd box on a try flight. just one ever back: Leon Crane, a urban child from Philadelphia with little greater than a parachute on his again while he bailed from his B-24 Liberator ahead of it crashed into the Arctic. by myself in subzero temperatures, Crane controlled to stick alive within the lifeless of the Yukon wintry weather for almost twelve weeks and, amazingly, walked out of the ordeal intact.
81 Days under 0 recounts, for the 1st time, the total tale of Crane's notable saga. In a drama of mind-blowing unravel with moments of extraordinary good fortune, Crane discovered to outlive within the Yukon's unforgiving panorama. His is a story of the human potential to undergo severe stipulations and excessive loneliness—and emerge enhanced than prior to.

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