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By Karen Johnson, Lynn Gordon

Filled with inventive feedback for either indoor and outdoors actions, this illustrated deck will offer idea whilst boredom moves. try out Treasure Hunt, mystery Writings, technological know-how Cubes, and Nature Wind Chimes. excellent for any day—rain or shine—these playing cards will hold teenagers engaged and entertained.

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To find out the number of pennies the average adult carries, write down each person’s answer, add them all together, and divide by the number of people you asked. Materials: Peanut butter or cream cheese; Crackers or pretzels in various shapes (squares, circles, rectangles, triangles); Table knife; Plate; Dry cereal or fruit 1. Gather the materials and decide on a construction project. Try making a house or a car. Get creative and try making an animal or a place, such as a playground. 2. Use the peanut butter or cream cheese to “glue” the crackers and pretzels together, spreading with a table knife when necessary.

Use permanent markers to decorate the jar. 3. Write a message on paper. Make a small hole in the paper and attach it to the jar by threading a ribbon through the hole and tying it around the jar. Materials: Paper; Pencil or pen Work with a friend to create your own secret code, and use the code to write letters or notes to each other. Make sure the code is consistent so you can always use the same rules to solve it: Try writing each word backward; choose a symbol for each letter (such as a heart for A, a star for B, a square for C, a squiggle for D, and so on); assign a number to each letter (A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on); or write B for A, C for B, D for C, and so on, ending with Z for A.

4. Alternately, make piles with an equal number of items and race to see who can put them all on first. Materials: Paper; Pencil; Notebook; Tape Before going on a walk outside, create a list of opposites to find, including the biggest and smallest flowers, the longest and shortest leaves, the heaviest and lightest sticks, the fastest and slowest animals, the prettiest and ugliest plants, the fastest and slowest rolling acorns (try rolling them down a small hill), the loudest and quietest sounds, and so on.

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